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Structure your potential customers

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CRM for freelancers

Customer relationship management

CRM for freelancers

At Startday we improved our Client Management tool by implementing sales tags, for you to easy identify which customer is where in your sales pipeline.

When first starting out as a freelancer, you might not have any customers yet. Choosing a structured and defined why to manage your potential customers can improve your rate of success of gaining one.

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From a freelancer to you as a freelancer

Hi, my name is Tommy, and I've build Startday to you the freelancer.

A great part of my own career I've been freelancing and always needed a platform that collected all the tools I used as freelancer, and therefor I started Startday, first of all for myself but later found out other freelancers were interested in it as well.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn, or connect to follow the Startday journey.


Yes, we have to talk about it

We know money can be tight when freelancing, so we have tried to make the platform
as free and cheap to use as possible, but server-bills have to be paid.


We offer a limited - but free - version to get your career started without investing too much.

You get unlimited time tracking, 1 project, 1 client, 3 invoice and unlimited access to the network on the plan.

Premium for $9.99/month

When you career is up running, we charge you a small fee per month to let you have unlimited access to everything

You get unlimited time tracking, unlimited project, unlimited client and unlimited invoice and unlimited access to the network on the plan.

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